Roughrider owns the 844 ha Sterling Property 100%. The Property is located 8 kilometres north of Houston B.C.

Property Highlights

- The Sterling Property lies within the Stikine Terrane of central British Columbia, encompassing intrusive rocks of the Early Jurrasic Topley, Late Cretaceous Bulkley and the Eocene Goosly Plutonic Suites. On the Sterling Property, multiple stocks of the Topley, Bulkley and Goosly Plutonic Suites intrude Lower Jurassic Hazelton Group (Telkwa Formation) calc-alkaline volcanic rocks and Upper Jurassic Bowser Lake Group sedimentary rocks. Regionally, Bulkley and Goosly Plutonic Suite intrusive rocks are associated with copper-silver-gold/molybdenum-silver-gold mineral systems including, respectively, the New Nadia Explorations Limited's Silver Queen prospect 45 kilometres to the south and the former producing Equity Silver mine 40 kilometres to the southeast.

- The ground that makes up the Sterling Property was selected based on geological factors that management considers make it prospective for intrusive associated, breccia vein-hosted precious metal deposits, including:

        - Historic high-grade silver-base metal veins on the north part of the property, including the Christina, Gwenda, Paola and Monica vein showings (Adriatic Resources Corp.; 1984 Assessment Report 13364). Sampling and drill intercepts reported from the property include:

North Sterling Property: Historic Mineral Occurrences
Sample No. Ag (g/t)* Au (g/t)* Cu (%) Zn (%)
801 Grab 49 0.14 0.11 8.41
802 Grab 840.7 0.75 1.01 0.25
804 Grab 6.9 2.88 n/a n/a
CHRISTINA VEIN (MinFile 093L 295)
Sample No. Ag (g/t)* Au (g/t)* Cu (%) Zn (%)
702 Select Grab 1165 1.58 0.87 1.91
703 Grab 157 0.17 0.15 1.31
807 Select Grab 287.3 0.14 0.17 0.93
808 Grab 155.6 0.24 0.11 3.45
DDH84-13 8.05m-8.53m (0.48m) 52.8 0.14 0.1 4.62
DDH84-13 8.53m-9.11m (0.58m) 80.2 0.17 0.12 4.82
PAOLA VEIN (MinFile 093L 296)
Sample No. Ag (g/t)* Au (g/t)* Cu (%) Zn (%)
754 Chip/1.2 m 63.1 n/a 0.32 n/a
755 Chip/1.2 m 89.5 n/a 0.54 n/a
757 Chip/1.0 m 82.6 n/a 0.41 n/a
DDH84-10 15.48m-16.25m (0.77m) 31.2 0.03 0.16 0.35
Sample No. Ag (g/t)* Au (g/t)* Cu (%) Zn (%)
DDH84-9A 17.07m-17.37m (0.30m) 46.6 0.34 0.04 n/a

* Gold assay values calculated to grams/tonne from historic quoted ounces/ton (I.0 oz/ton = 34.28 g/t).

- The historic Joe B polymetallic Ag-Cu-Pb-Zn vein occurrence on east side of the Sterling Property (MinFile 093L 206). The Joe B is described in the 1928 BC Ministry of Mines Annual Report as a 22.9 centimetre vein that assayed trace gold, 548.56 g/t silver and 0.7% copper.

- Proximity to a large mineralizing system, in this case the Late Cretaceous Bulkley Plutonic Suite associated Alaskite molybdenum deposit of Bard Ventures Ltd., a 43-101 compliant, measured and indicated resource of 110.3 million tonnes grading 0.083% Mo (cut-off grade of 0.04 % Mo).

- Strong to moderate anomalous BCGS regional stream geochemical signatures on the property and the immediate surround area in a number metals and pathfinder elements, including: Ag, Cu, Mo, Zn, Pb, As and Sb.

- Excellent infrastructure in the area, including the community of Houston 8 kilometres to the south, Highway 16, a 500 KV hydroelectric transmission line and natural gas pipeline within 3 kilometres and good road access on the property.

Work by Roughrider

A small work program was undertaken on both properties in December 11 to 16, 2017. A two-person crew from SJ Geophysics undertook a GPS-controlled magnetic and Very Low Frequency Electromagnetic (VLF-EM) survey on each of the properties. At the Sterling property, an east-west oriented, 16-line km survey was completed over the Joe B occurrence, located on the Sterling 2 claim.

Although small surveys from which extrapolation of the results is limited, the results do outline anomaly trends that warrant follow up. At the Joe B grid area, a strong magnetic anomaly (possible dyke) trends northwest through the reported location of the Joe B occurrence that is roughly coincident with a similar oriented VLF-EM conductor. Additional north-south trending conductors also warrant follow up.